Havannah Reserve – Birds and Butterflies

A pair of Mute Swans had built a platform in the middle of the pond. Safely, you might think. We saw a large dog swim across,  molesting them, then it went further round and tried to seize the Mallards on the shore. The owner called it off in a desultory manner. There is a case for enforcing a dogs on lead policy on Nature reserves. Most dog walkers did have their dogs on a lead.


This group of  resting Mallard drakes had glowing iridescent blue heads. They were disturbed by the dog later.


The highlight was managing to photograph a Willow Warbler. Even better to hear its melodious song.

willow warbler.JPG

The butterflies were gorgeous  white wings  looking blue tinged in the bright sunlight.  They enjoyed this woodland edge habitat. The Bramble and Nettles suited them. They were amazingly fast flying and difficult to photograph.


Orange tip  (Anthocharis cardamines) were prevalent, the males orange tipped wings flashing colourfully. The picture below is of a female, who lack the orange tips.


This Peacock (Inachis io) looked a bit battered. Their larva feed on nettles.


Below is a male Green Veined White (Artogeia napi) enjoying the Oil seed rape. I notice that the second part of the Latin name is sometimes named after their larval host.

green viened white

This one has two dark spots on each wing. It is a female Green Veined White feeding on nectar.

greenveined ?

Although there a good show of butterflies, there were not as many as I hoped for. We also briefly saw a Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria) and a brown bodied Damselfly. It was too early for the famous Dingy skipper since no Birds Foot trefoil was seen in flower yet.

This insect  sun bathing looked like a Drone Fly.


This last picture looked brilliant. These Green bottles were supping on dog’s excrement or maybe laying eggs. The larger fly is a Bluebottle and the check backed one could be a Phaonia of some kind.






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