Allotment – Hedgehog and Insects

There is a hedgehog in the allotment. So far I have not visited early enough in the morning to chance a sighting but the evidence is a scat.  The scat looks as if the Hedgehog had been eating worms and possibly a nestling.


I put out cat food in two dishes, spaced apart, so that if it left another scat it would provide evidence of the consumer. Next day all the food had been eaten but no scat left.

The Nettles have enticed Small tortoiseshell butterflies to lay eggs. The larvae are shown below. They build tent like structures on the top of  nettles. The black dots are caterpillar droppings.


This slug was removed from the Greenhouse. It is the black slug ( Arion ater).

black slug

Compare this to a Netted slug (Deroceras reticulatum). The netting on the back is visible.  Both are common on allotments. I think it has left its poop behind.

slug anf poo

The Strawberry snail (Trochulus striolatus) is also commonly seen.


By the path this beautiful flowering grass caught my attention, Meadow foxtail (Alopecurus pratensis).

meadow foxtail

On the way to the Allotment I pass a church with towers. This Blackbird frequently sits atop singing its delightful song.


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