The Spetchells – invertebrates

Although I know little of insects, they were like jewelled accessories on the plants,  spurring interest. This  Green Dock beetle (Gastrophysa viridula) was stunning. They act as a control on Dock but can also shred Rhubarb leaves. Their iridescence is generated in the same way as butterflies.  see this link Cause of colour in insects . Apparently their colour is not obvious to predators. I surmise it might help them find mates although they mainly use pheromones.

Leaf beetle 9Crepidodera fulvicornis)?,

The camouflage theory works better with these Nettle Weevils (Phyllobius pomaceus).

green weevil

The photo does not show the marvellous metallic glowing green of their bodies, even their legs seemed dipped in green gold.
There was a spider on the same nettle plant.  It looked like a Long jawed web spider (Tetragnatha montana). Spider markings vary so much that it is difficult to be sure. It seems to be afloat but is suspended on its web.


The chalk hills were pock-marked with holes made by mining bees of various kinds. This one (Dasypoda altercator) looks like a female. The orange legging are used to help collect pollen. Each female has its own nest within the much larger colony.

Dasypoda altercator

There were drones but often they were dead. I assume they had already mated and died naturally.

dead male




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